Saturday, May 5, 2012

Office Assistant

PowerPoint 2012 now has several new features for creating presentations and integrating them with other Office applications. You can preview and insert slides from another presentation. Animation charts and enhanced custom animation effects allow  you to create moving effects in your presentation. Presentations may be controlled from one  computer and be shown on another.  
ll MS office 2010 programs are equipped with an in- built PDF writer. So, unlike Office 2007 version, you are not required to install a separate plugin to save your documents in PDF format right from your MS Office program.

Office Assistant
Office assistant is a help feature the enables you to type your question about PowerPoint in plain English and display a list of topics a list of topics related to it. To get more help on the topic, you can select the required topic, by clicking on it.  It also displays help about the current operation being performed by you.  

MS Office PowerPoint

20011 was a year when all good things happened to Microsoft. It’s two major products, Windows 7 and Bing search engine got rave reviews on millions of blogs, forums and several technology conferences across the world. Now, Microsoft has something more to cheer about this year. The blogosphere has been abuzz with positive reviews of the latest MS Office PowerPoint 2012 package and have been calling it the ‘best of the lot’ among all earlier MS Office PowerPoint versions. Finally, the wait of millions of MS Office  PowerPoint  fans got over yesterday. You can now buy MS Office 2012 right over here (until two days back, it was available as a pre-order).
Microsoft PowerPoint is a component  of Microsoft Office that is used to create professional quality on-screen presentations, photo print, overhead transparency, or 35 mm slides. PowerPoint components can be used to work on slides, generate speaker notes, audience handouts and organize presentation contents. A slide is a working desktop area and a presentation is a term used for a set of PowerPoint slides. 

PowerPoint allows you to create the contents of your presentation by typing the text, and inserting pictures, sounds and animation. It also provides galleries of images and sounds. PowerPoint makes the creation of any presentation simple by providing you with but-in professional design elements such as Auto Layouts and presentation templates. You can also create different versions of a presentation for different audiences and build your contents in either a text-based outline view or a design -based slide view. PowerPoint offers you a way to preview your show, add special effects of the slides as displayed on the screen and rehearse the timings of each slide.